3 Ways Energy Efficient Windows Add Value

Making your home more energy efficient reduces energy bills now and going forward. And, energy efficiency is a strong selling point that adds value to your home when you want to sell.

  1. Save money on utility bills

Energy efficient windows have new technology that helps save money over windows that were installed 10 or 15 years ago. And even if you have a relatively new home, the windows that builders install in large developments are not the same energy efficient quality that makes a significant difference. The double pane keeps cool air in during summer months, and warm air in during the winter, with a double barrier to keep the harsh temperatures outside. For even greater efficiency, go for triple-pane glass. The gas between the panes improves the insulation. New windows also have a coating that reflects, rather than absorbs, heat from the outside. This coating has an e-rating, and the lower the e-rating, the better the reflection to reject summer sun, and keep winter heat inside. New windows have varying degrees of energy efficiency. When selecting replacement windows, compare the energy performance ratings. Energy Star® has a rating criteria to rank energy efficiency. Your actual efficiency may vary based on factors such as which direction your house faces.

The material of the window frame also has an impact on energy efficiency. The most energy efficient material is vinyl or fiberglass. High quality window materials, installed by professionals, ensure an air-tight seal for temperature and noise level management. You may expect to lower your energy bill costs by 25% or more. The financial savings add up over time.

Further reduce your energy bills with window treatments on your new windows. Keeping curtains and shades closed in the day keeps your house cooler in the summer. Consider light-blocking shades or curtains as opposed to sheer.

  1. Improve curb appeal

You drive to and from your home every day, and the pleasure you take in home ownership comes largely from liking what you see. Energy efficient windows come in many designs, and provide an opportunity to update the look of your home. Choose single panel, multi-panes, sliders, or geometric shapes. First impressions count, and that is especially true for attracting potential buyers who drive by a house with a ‘For Sale’ sign. Updated windows often pay for themselves in resale value.

  1. Preserve home interior

New windows prevent sunlight from damaging your furniture. Heat and light are transparently reflected away from the interior. The film has no effect on your view, but shields the interior from harmful rays. Street noises are also buffered or eliminated, making the inside of your home a quiet oasis.

It’s easy to pay for energy efficient windows with a California program called PACE. Homeowners get 100% financing for upgrades that are repaid via property tax. Talk with the experts at WindowsPlus by Jayco for details about energy efficiency and the affordability of new windows for your home.