Is Your Roof Doing the Best Job Possible?

Many people in Bakersfield never think about or look at their roof. But when it’s time for a sale, home inspections frequently cite roofing issues. Instead of waiting to sell your home to consider your roof, look at your roof as a resource for energy efficiency.

Your roof may keep out the rain, but let in the heat. Roofs get very hot in the summer – as much as 50 degrees hotter than the air temperature. By deflecting the heat, and preventing the heat from entering the attic, you stay cooler. And when you’re cooler, you don’t require as much energy output from your air conditioner.

Cool Roof – Save Energy

A cool roof reflects the energy of the sun back to the sky, instead of letting it penetrate the house below. You’ll appreciate a cooler indoor environment in the summer, and energy savings of up to 30%. Such savings really add up, and may be especially noticeable if you have time-of-use billing for electricity. Because the sun’s rays are deflected, cool roofs require less maintenance and have a longer life. The same goes for your air conditioning system. When the system doesn’t have to work as hard, it requires less maintenance.

Better for Bakersfield

Poor air quality is frequently an issue in Bakersfield. Cool roofs actually contribute to better air quality. Here’s how:

  • Heat reflected into the atmosphere by so many houses and buildings in a city creates an urban heat island effect. It’s why city temperatures are often hotter than surrounding areas.
  • Cool roofs absorb less sunlight, and therefore transfer less heat back into the atmosphere. They have a lower participation in the heat island effect, which slows the formation of smog.
  • When houses or businesses use less electricity for energy, it reduces power plant use and emissions.

Triple-duty: solar + a cool roof + insulation

Layering energy efficient upgrades increases the effectiveness of each. They work together to dramatically lower energy bills, saving possible thousands of dollars a year. Look around town – solar panels are everywhere. Bakersfield is an ideal city to maximize solar energy. Solar panels integrate with the roof. And you would never put new solar panels on a roof that will need replacing in the next few years. Installing a cool roof with your solar panels gives you added energy efficiency. And when you add insulation in the attic, the combination is even more ‘powerful.’

Affordable home improvement

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a loan program that provides 100% financing for energy efficient upgrades. There are several resources for PACE loans, and the repayment is easy. The project cost is repaid over a period of up to 20 years by an assessment on the property tax bill. The financing stays with the building, not with the owner. So, there is no effect on personal borrowing ability or credit.

Please talk with us if you have questions about roofing options, or any energy efficient upgrades.