Energy Efficient AC Units

Stay Cool and Save Money

Your old air conditioner may still work just fine, but it takes a lot more energy to cool your home. All air conditioners have a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The older your air conditioner, the lower the SEER. And even newer units may have a low SEER if the builder wanted to save money when building your house. Here’s a perspective:

Houses built in year               Have an average SEER

1986 to 1991                                       8 or less

1992 to 2005                                       10 to 12

2006 to present                                   13 or more

The higher the SEER, the more energy efficient. But not everyone needs the highest rating. The EnergyStar ® label applies to AC units with a SEER of at least 14.

Examples of electricity savings when comparing an existing rating of a 10 SEER:

New AC SEER              Expected Energy/Electricity Savings

14 SEER                       28%

15 SEER                       35%

16 SEER                       42%

SEER ratings show the system’s potential. But there are other significant contributors to a new unit’s energy efficiency:

  • Correct equipment sizing for your home
  • Quality of installation

Jayco evaluates your HVAC to see how efficient it is, and compares the results to what’s possible by replacing the unit. We tell you what you can anticipate to save on energy, and help you do the math for the monthly financial savings. New AC units that are financed through California’s PACE program qualify for 100% financing based on your home equity. The loan is repaid as an add-on to property tax. No personal credit required.

Replace a water cooler system with an energy efficient AC

Take advantage of 100% PACE financing to upgrade your home to central heat and air conditioning. You’ll be more comfortable, and save on energy and utility bills.

Trust our 35+ years’ experience to get the most reliable recommendation, best unit for your home, and flawless installation.