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Proper ductwork contributes energy savings

You may think that you have a problem with your AC unit, but the real trouble is leaky ductwork. A less-than-airtight duct lets precious cool air escape into your attic and makes your AC unit work longer and harder to cool your house. And that adds up to higher utility bills. But that’s not the only problem.

Leaky air ducts:

  • Suck up dirt and dust from your attic and blow it out through your air vents
  • Cause air filters to get dirty faster
  • Create unequal air distribution across your house

Evaluating your ductwork plays an important role in meeting your energy efficiency goals. Let us examine your air ducts to determine if you have leaks. We’ll repair or suggest replacements as needed. After all, your new AC unit won’t reach optimal efficiency without proper ductwork to carry the cool air across your house.

Benefits of modern ductwork

Improvements in ductwork pay off in many ways:

  • Insulated ducts keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Upgraded ducts keep your house quieter
  • Sealed ducts ensure energy savings
  • Air/duct ratio provides the right balance for the system

Upgraded ductwork qualifies for an energy efficient upgrade. Talk with us about how affordable it is to complete your energy savings goals with proper ductwork.