Re-roofing starts at the top to save energy

A roof does more than shelter your home. In the heat of the summer, a conventional roof may be 50 degrees higher than the outside temperature, and that heat makes your air conditioner work harder. Cool roofs reduce the roof surface temperature, which prevents the heat from transferring into the attic and house. Even though an attic is a buffer zone between the roof and your living area, a cooler attic translates to a cooler room below. You save on energy costs when the AC doesn’t have to counteract heat coming from above. And if you have time-of-use metering for electricity, a cool roof saves on peak hours’ electricity demand.

Many homeowners want solar panels to offset electricity costs. A new roof and solar panels often go hand-in-hand. You don’t want to install solar onto a roof that needs replacing any time in the near future.

Combine upgrades for greater savings

Re-roofing also goes along well with adding insulation to your home. When you combine energy efficient upgrades, you increase the effectiveness of each upgrade. Consider the leap in efficiency when you combine a cool roof, insulation, and solar panels. Jayco is a one-stop shop for energy efficient upgrades. We manage each component of the work, whether it’s a single upgrade or multiple. And many people like to take advantage of 100% PACE financing that is connected to home equity, not personal credit. Talk with us about the possibilities for achieving energy efficiency, saving money on utility bills, and increasing the value of your home.