California Solar Solutions

Energy Efficient Solar Panel Installation

It seems like everywhere we go, we’re presented with options to upgrade our homes to energy-saving solar power. Jayco Construction takes a different approach than most contractors. We aren’t in the business to ‘sell solar.’ We’re in business to look at the big picture of energy-saving upgrades and provide complementary products that get you the most savings for your money.

Solar energy makes a lot of sense in Kern County. Our summers are HOT, and the cost of cooling the home gets quite expensive with traditional electricity. Having solar panels takes the pressure off high utility bills, letting you cool your home for a lower cost.

Solar panel improvements

Technology developments for solar panels give customers better performance at lower prices. So, going solar makes sense for many homeowners:

  • Protection from continually rising electricity costs
  • Participation in ‘going green’ for the environment
  • Scalable solutions allow for a range of savings, up to 100%
  • Improvement in home value

The PACE program in California makes it easy to finance energy upgrades like solar panels. You get 100% financing that is paid back over 5 to 25 years as an add-on to property taxes. And the loan goes with the property, not with your personal credit. PACE financing makes solar a wise and affordable choice for saving energy.

You may need a new roof when you add solar panels to your house. Working with Jayco gives you one contractor to work with instead of several. We can save you money by bundling services together. Talk with us about your energy saving goals, and we’ll help you put together and install the package of products that will help you reach your goal.