Stucco Replacement

Stucco repair that lasts

Over time, it’s natural for stucco to crack and even fall off the house. Settling of the house, type of material, or thinness of the application are common causes. The effect is unsightly, and leaves your home unprotected from the elements. Stucco cracks and disintegration compromise the weather resistance of your home, letting in moisture and affecting the ability to insulate from heat and cold. In fact, traditional stucco is porous, absorbing moisture that can cause cracks and flaking.

Energy efficient solutions

Take care of ugly cracks and chipping and add energy efficiency to your home. Jayco Construction will recommend one of two types of stucco treatment, based on your priorities for your home:

Tex Cote® CoolWall® Systems

Your home can absorb as much as 90% of the radiant energy on a hot, sunny day. Tex Cote is an exterior coating that reflects heat and resists typical paint color fade. Even dark colors remain cooler. Tex Cote may lower exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40 degrees, compared to traditional paint coating. And keeping the exterior wall temperature down may save up to 21.9%* in interior cooling costs. Because CoolWall technology keeps wall surface temperatures lower, the stucco stays cooler and lasts longer. Expansion and contraction minimizes with a smaller range of temperatures.

Tex Cote CoolWall qualifies as an energy efficient upgrade for PACE financing.

*U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory study. Results vary based on color of coating, geographical location, climate conditions, and substrate type.

OmegaFlex Acrylic Stucco

Quality acrylic stucco is an excellent choice for stucco repair. Acrylic doesn’t crack or fade like plaster, and therefore seals the wall for energy efficiency. Benefits include:

  • Resists/repels water
  • ‘Stretches’ to resist hairline cracks, due to elasticity
  • Maintains color consistency
  • Uses Dirt Pick-up Resistance technology
  • Enhances plaster appearance

Jayco Construction has extensive experience working with stucco. Talk with us about options for repairing your cracked and broken stucco. Preserve the value of your home by preserving the exterior coating.