Window & Door Replacement

Glass doors, French doors, Exterior doors

Replacing doors and windows gives your home an up to 50% boost in energy efficiency. New doors are not only energy efficient, they are defining features that add beauty and value to your home.

Why new doors are more energy efficient

Air leakage increases with the age of the door. New doors may be insulated and offer a better seal than an old door. An insulated fiberglass or steel front door has more than five times the insulating value of a non-insulated wood door.

Glass doors have a plastic insulator between the inner and outer parts of the frame creates a thermal break. The cold or hot air is ‘interrupted’ before coming into or leaving the house. For maximum energy efficiency, choosing a swinging glass door, such as French doors, provides a tighter seal than a sliding glass door.

Jayco specializes in door and window replacements that improve your home’s energy efficiency. We use high quality doors made by Milgard® and Monte Verde™. Talk with us about the many options you have to upgrade your doors and start saving energy.