Time for an End of Summer Stucco Check Up

Summers in Bakersfield are brutal. The effects of heat and sun take a toll on homes. Colors fade, houses settle, and small cracks increase or may cause stucco to break and fall. When the temperatures get a little cooler, we recommend a thorough look around to verify that your home is in good condition. You don’t want a small problem to get worse. Aside from the cosmetic appearance, openings in stucco create opportunities for pest infestation and let in heat or cold. Here are a few tips for what to look for to make sure that your stucco is performing correctly:

  • Look for cracks around openings, such as where piping or the AC unit connects to the house
  • Look for evidence of moisture trapped, such as stains (However, moisture trapping doesn’t always have visual evidence.)
  • Carefully examine where stucco connects with flashing at windows and doors

Consider energy efficient stucco

If you find that your stucco has seen better days and you need some repair, consider an energy efficient stucco that will help save on energy bills. Tex Cote® CoolWall® systems help lower exterior wall temperatures that result in keeping a home cooler in summer. The stucco lasts longer because it doesn’t absorb the heat like a traditional plaster stucco. Another option is acrylic stucco. Home builders don’t typically use acrylic stucco; your home probably has plaster stucco. But the benefits are a longer life because acrylic is more ‘flexible’ than plaster. The acrylic material resists hairline cracks due to the elasticity of the material. It also does a great job of resisting water and doesn’t fade.

Get an expert opinion about stucco

When you look on the Internet, you may find a lot of information about do-it-yourself stucco repair. Before you jump in and do it yourself, get an expert opinion. You want to make sure that you’re not just masking over a problem, and that the repairs will do what you need. A professional who works with the materials every day knows how to prepare the surface, match colors, and create a finish that will last for years. We’re not saying that you can’t do it, we’re saying that you probably don’t want to do it yourself.

Talk with us about your home’s stucco condition. We’ll take a look and offer options based on our experience in Kern County.