Window Replacement

Wide variety of window materials and styles

Up to 50% of energy loss in your home happens through windows and doors. Replacing windows is an investment that pays off in energy savings and also creates a distinctive look for your home. New windows also preserve your furniture from sun damage by reflecting the heat and light away from the home’s interior. Another benefit is noise-buffering. Many of our customers say, “I never knew our home could be so quiet!”

Window choices

Once you decide that window replacement is a good value for your home, you choose the type of window:

  • Single vertical hung
  • Single side-to-side slider
  • Picture window
  • Casement
  • Geometric shape

Next, you select grid styles and patterns. You have numerous possibilities, from traditional to modern, flat to sculpted grids, or no grid at all.

Windows Plus by Jayco has replaced over 30,000 windows in Kern County, so yes, we’re experts in window replacement. We represent high quality, easy-to-maintain windows made by Milgard® and Monte Verde™. Talk with us about how to choose the best windows to fit your home and your priorities.